The two minute rule - Leg Learning Number Five - TXG

Article By TXG   |   6th October 2017

This is the fourth learning article in this series – if you want to read the initial article go to Leg Learning One – Ask for help and be specific

Leg Learning Number Five – The two minute rule

David Allen, the time management guru’s book, Getting Things Done is a great resource for those who are time poor and feel inundated by things on their to do list.

One of his rules I have found particularly useful and keep to whenever I can is that if something you have to do (eg. Answer an email, buy a book on Amazon, arrange a meeting) will take less than two minutes, you do it immediately. Only things that will take longer than two minutes make it on to your to do list.

It seems simple (well it is simple) but give it a try – it does keep your to do list down to a dull roar. I also use this technique when I get back to my office and my inbox is looking very full. I answer the ones that can be done quickly first before turning my attention to those that will take more attention, time or thought.