Supawan - TXG

Article By TXG   |   24th September 2018


38 Caledonian Road
Kings Cross, London, N1 9DT
A few minutes walk behind Kings Cross St Pancras, and next door to owner Witchet’s beautiful flower shop, is Supawan. There’s a wonderful feel of being at home here – declaration of interest: my niece helped out as part of the restaurant refurb – and when I last went I was jollied into the kitchen to meet Witchet’s mum, who was overseeing said kitchen whilst sitting shelling prawns. The southern Thai family recipes are delicious, but not unusual or heavily spiced enough to cause any worry with the less adventurous eaters in the group, and its informal vibe made it an instant favourite with us. We’d recommend letting Witchet order for you, so you have a variety to share and make sure you taste everything. It’s not a great eating area that side of the station complex so head to Supawan – it’s the real deal.