Summer reading - Part Three - TXG

Article By TXG   |   13th August 2021

Who or what am I anyway?

Starting with the wonderful Carribean poet Derek Walcott’s “Love after Love” to get us in the mood to know and love ourselves, let’s go on an inner journey of sorts…starting with Irvin Yalom’s ‘Gift of Therapy‘  and then work through Sarah Hill’s ‘Where did you learn to behave like that?‘ which wins best title. We’ll finish with Nicole La Pera’s ‘How to do the work‘ to talk us through connections between physiology, psychology, and spirituality and Philippa Perry’s ‘The Book you wish your parents had read‘.

We’re fascinated by the idea that whether you meditate for 40 years or take mind-altering substances the outcome can be the same…you’re disrupting your brainwaves to allow or prompt insight. David Whyte and Michael Pollan are solid places to start. Jon Kabat-Zin on meditation and Thich Thanh Thien are good places to finish.

We hope this inspires you and reassures you.