Liu Xiaoman  - TXG

Article By TXG   |   20th February 2020

Liu Xiaoman 

The Jackalope
43 Weymouth Mews
London W1G 7EQ

We went to the partnership with the Jackalope Pub over near Marylebone High Street (there’s one in Holborn too, I think) where 2 flatmates have set up an operation to cook noodles as the food offering for a local boozer.  It’s a complete winner.  3 noodle choices and spicy wontons until they sell out – choose your noodle, choose your spice level, pay, take the buzzer and when it buzzes go collect your bowls.  Whilst you’re waiting, buy a drink or two at the bar.  Genius.  And the noodles are delicious.  All for 15 or so quid each.