It’s never too late to be in touch - TXG

Article By TXG   |   16th September 2019

My cancer learning number two is it’s never too late to be in touch! I have a weakness (OK I have many weaknesses but I’m willing to admit to this one here!) – I love a greeting card. I have a whole drawer of cards that have tickled me and I love sending cards…. I have just aged myself there!

I have often had the very best of intentions of sending a card – a birthday card to a friend, a good luck card to someone starting a new job, a how are you doing card… I take the time to find the right card from my drawer, I pop it in my bag with the best of intentions of writing it and then I’ll find it a month later, skulking at the bottom of my bag, looking a bit battered. I then think, we’ll it’s too late to send the card now.

As someone who, 6 months post diagnosis, still gets random cards from family and friends to make me smile and some from people who are like me and have got caught up with life and didn’t get round to sending one as soon as they heard, can I just say it is never too late to send the card. Knowing someone has taken the time to find and write the card is a huge boost.

I will never again think it’s too late to send the card so if you do receive one from me…. Late…. Please excuse it’s battered state!!

Is there anyone you have been meaning to reach out to? Don’t delay! Do it! I really don’t think you’ll regret it and you just might make someone’s day. And a text or any form of message will do – you don’t need to go ‘old school’!