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Article By TXG   |   14th August 2019

Scully Restaurant 4 St. James’s Market London SW1Y 4AH T: +44 (0)20 3911 6840 From a Nopi alumnus comes the first, and likely only, restaurant where ‘the broccoli!’ was our table of 4’s unified cry when asked which dish we enjoyed most.  Now that is a successful dish, given we … Read more

Finding a way to say no

Article By TXG   |   10th August 2019

I have worked with a lot of coaching clients over the years who want to work on their time management and when we get down to the obstacles they may face in resolving their workload, the reluctance to say ‘no’ to someone who asks for something to be done is … Read more

The truth

Article By TXG   |   5th August 2019

I recently came across a quote from Churchill that really resonated with me… “People occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” The truth can surely set you free – we’ve probably all heard that said at some … Read more

Tell – sell – yell syndrome

Tell – sell – yell syndrome

Article By TXG   |   2nd August 2019

As it is the summer months, I thought I’d keep the blogs a little shorter but hopefully they will provoke some thinking but I’d like to share some of the ideas, thoughts and random musings that have come to me over the last month. The first of those is try … Read more

Heckfield Place and Marle restaurant

Article By TXG   |   31st July 2019

Heckfield Place and Marle restaurant Heckfield Place Hampshire RG27 0LD We spent the night here, and they sure having put in the work renovating this place.  It’s all done to a ridiculously high spec and mostly works well.  The ethos of minimal impact on the environment is carried through … Read more

Spring Restaurant

Article By TXG   |   17th July 2019

Spring Somerset House, Lancaster Pl, London WC2R 1LA This restaurant is gorgeous with its pale and peaceful room in Somerset House and a comfortably-uniformed front of house team.  The food is the kind of food that you read on the menu, wonder what it might actually taste like, eat … Read more

Rovi, Fitzrovia

Article By TXG   |   3rd July 2019

Rovi 59 Wells Street London W1A 3AE The latest and to our mind the best of the Ottolenghi restaurants.  Whilst Nopi is great food the room itself isn’t quite right, whereas Rovi is a bright light open space with a central horseshoe bar where you can sit at the … Read more

Fischer’s – Marylebone

Article By TXG   |   20th June 2019

Fischer’s 50 Marylebone High St, Marylebone, London W1U 5HN Exactly as you’d expect from the Corbyn and King stable, Fischer’s is a jolly place to go where it doesn’t feel like either work or too transactional.  It’s nice enough to go for a celebration, and whilst The Delaunay is … Read more

Personal Impact

Article By TXG   |   30th April 2019

We asked our coaches to let us know what resources they most often recommend to clients who would like to enhance their personal impact and gravitas in the workplace. Detailed below are those recommendations – books, online resources (including talks, and useful articles.  We hope that these recommendations are useful … Read more

First 100 days

Article By TXG   |   5th March 2019

We asked our coaches to let us know what resources they most often recommend to clients who are transitioning to a new position either with a new firm or within their existing organisation and how best to handle those all important first 100 days in role.   Detailed below are those … Read more

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