Heckfield Place and Marle restaurant - TXG

Article By TXG   |   31st July 2019

Heckfield Place and Marle restaurant

Heckfield Place

RG27 0LD


We spent the night here, and they sure having put in the work renovating this place.  It’s all done to a ridiculously high spec and mostly works well.  The ethos of
minimal impact on the environment is carried through well (they grow the flowers you’ll find in your large and well thought through room, where it feels like someone has actually used in order to arrange the furniture sensibly!).  Having said that it’s a bit oddly staffed in that there seem to be people everywhere, but it’s quite hard to order a drink in the lounges, but this is small detail they will sort based on the standards overall, and it could do with warming up a bit in general.  The main restaurant, Marle, is set in a large conservatory style room looking out onto the gardens and lakes.  The food is overseen by Skye Glyngell, one of our favourite chefs (see also Spring) and makes excellent use of fresh produce either grown on the hotel’s farm or raised/caught/grown nearby.  Order the potatoes with creme fraiche and black garlic if they are on the menu.  It’s pretty pricey, though, and the wine list is top end, so save it for the special occasions.