Getting the most out of each day - Leg Learning Two - TXG

Article By TXG   |   14th September 2017

This is the second learning article in this series – if you want to read the initial article go to Leg Learning One – Ask for help and be specific

Leg Learning Two – Getting the most out of each day

One of the surprising side effects of my leg break that caught me completely by surprise was how completely ‘knackered’ I was by not only moving around (moving around on a zimmer frame is a complete work out!) but also to constantly think ahead of how you are going to get somewhere, will there be disabled access etc. The pain didn’t help either.

When I looked at my diary on return from my break, I knew I was going to have to get more efficient/effective if I was going to be of any use to anyone. I knew that I felt at my best and was clearest in my thinking early in the day so all my client meetings and coaching sessions were moved to the mornings. I set up my living room with a small office area so that I didn’t have to climb stairs to my home office so everything was in grasping difference so that my environment worked for me rather than me putting up with the way it has always been. And finally, I listened to my body. For the first few weeks, I needed to have a nap in the early afternoon to be able to be properly effective for the rest of the day.

I am now back to full strength and whilst it has been tempting to revert to my old habits, I have to acknowledge that how I structure my day now (without the nap!) works more effectively. I am much more careful about single tasking where possible. I try and deal with things once rather than opening the same email several times before getting to it. And above all, I listen to my body and respond so that I am working in the most effective way for me.

There is a great book by Dr John Briffa called ‘A Great Day at the Office’ – if you are ever short of ideas on how you can work in the best way for you, there are some great ideas contained within.