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Category : Insights

Podcast recommendations

Article By TXG   |   28th December 2021

Podcast recommendations:  We’ve been enjoying the following.  Hopefully there is something in there to catch your ear… The Drop Out, ABC News It was said, John Meacham Poetry Unbound, Onbeing Studios Chasing Cosby, LA Times Flow Sessions with Jason Silva How to Fail with Elizabeth Day Work in Progress with … Read more

Bring all of your passions together

Article By TXG   |   20th December 2021

Following on from Trattoria Brutto, bring all of your passions together (food, relationships, connections, family and community stories) treat yourself to Stanley Tucci’s wonderful, straigtforward, and honest memoir ’Taste’ Taste: My Life Through Food If you can read the section on his grandad’s homemade wine without crying I’ll buy you a £5 … Read more

TXG Recommended Book List 2021

Article By TXG   |   6th April 2021

Coaching Client Book List This has been a year unlike any other and has allowed some more time for catching up on reading and online resources for many of the coaches in the TXG team. We asked them to let us know which books they have read in the last … Read more

Someone has to be first

Article By TXG   |   27th October 2020 more


Article By TXG   |   2nd October 2020

It is a tough time to feel gratitude with all the changes we have faced in 2020. This year has been as challenging as many of us have ever known. As someone who is going through cancer treatment, shielding and facing the restrictions that have come about as a result … Read more

In a world where you can be anything, be kind

Article By TXG   |   25th September 2020

I first came across this quote following the suicide of Caroline Flack. Now perhaps more than ever, mental health is talked about and with lockdown and the effects of Covid-19, more and more people are struggling with their feelings. We never know what is going on behind the scenes for … Read more

Recognising the cycles of grief

Article By TXG   |   17th September 2020

There is much talk at the moment about the ‘new normal’ as we try and find a way through the effects of Covid-19 and a certain wistfulness for what we had only a few months ago. In a way, we are all grieving for what we have lost as we … Read more

Don’t Quit by John Greenleaf Whittier

Article By TXG   |   10th September 2020

As we went into lockdown, all of the blood rushed to my head and I decided to do something that I’d never normally have time for – I wrote out an anthology of poems for my father as a birthday present. I came across this poem when I was looking … Read more

How to Keep Your Team Motivated Remotely

Article By TXG   |   15th April 2020

A good read on how doing the important and at times hard work can still motivate and inspire us all. more

Working at home

Article By TXG   |   25th March 2020

A few thoughts for those working at home today. There’s lots of great resources out there about this but our top tips are: Make sure you know where you’re going to do video calls from and make sure it’s lit well and comfortable for you – always check out how … Read more

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